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Aktaion Rhodes

Aktaion launches a unique cafe – bakery which you will definitely love. The warmth, the décor and the energy that surrounds you, create the right atmosphere to enjoy your breakfast and your KIMBO coffee of your choice, to make your day start in the best way possible!
KIMBO coffee is a unique and rare product, as each stage of its production contributes to the creation of an extraordinary coffee with a creamy effect, a strongly aromatic, sweet taste with a chocolate tone, perfectly balanced.
Quality is the main element of our products and the customer can taste the products just after they are made. We offer 30 different types of bread daily. The most famous one is the bread with yeast, as our customers claim it reminds them of a homemade bread that they can keep for a couple of days. Aside from the breads, we also offer different types of bread rolls and breadcrumbs.
We also offer a range of sweets and sandwiches, and a coffee area where our specialized baristas offer customers the best coffee in town.
The element that we care the most is the continuous offering of qualitative products with a balanced price and quantity. You can now enjoy our unique taste of coffee and a wide range of breads, sandwiches, sweets and many other products.

Address: Court House, 7 Martiou, Medieval city of Rhodes, Rhodes, Δήμος Ρόδου, Rhodes Regional Unit, South Aegean Region, Aegean, 85100, Greece

Phone: +302241 076856