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Salakos – Monastery of Prophet Elias

This route is of slight difficulty. The trail is built and begins from a steep face of rock that lies above the village Salakos at an altitude of 220 meters. The trail ends at the Monastery of Prophet Elias, at an altitude of 610 meters.

The route is approximately 650 meters and crossing a landscape with dense vegetation measured 115 species, of which 20 are rare and of unique beauty. Most notable of them grow in the spring, from mid April to mid May. Among the violets and orchids, is as well a rare native wildflower peonia. The vegetation found throughout the years, starting from a rich forest of oaks and shrubs, followed by a smooth ascent among cypress mixed with a few pines.Here one can encounter the deer of Rhodes, called Platoni or Dama Dama and Hawk Petritis.

The area is a wildlife sanctuary and protected from the program Natura 2000. On the way one can enjoy the cool breeze of the mountains and the incomparable sea view.

On the way just before the top one finds another Catholic monastery of the Archangel Michael. At the top, just before the end of the path are two enchanting hotels the “Elafos” and “Elafina” that were built in the 1930’s.

Finally, for the most demanding nature lovers and those keen on walking, there are branches of the pathway. The paths are hidden among the woods leading in turn through to monasteries, sources and glades that will amaze the visitor.