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Hostel of St. Catherine (Hagia Aikaterini)

The Hospice of St. Catherine was built in 1391-92, under grandmaster Heredia, by the Italian Domenico d’Allemagna, admiral of the Order of the Knights of St. John (Knights Hospitaller). The foundation charter of the Hospice in 1391 states that it was «founded in the burgus of Rhodes, near the walls at the gate leading to the mole? already known as the «Gate of St. Catherine? from 1465. The situation of the building draws the eye, as it projects into the axis of the high street; the salient part carries the coats of arms of 1516. The Hospice, exclusively intended for eminent guests of the Order, was already in use from 1394-95; at this date traveler Niccole de Martoni described it as «beautiful and splendid, with many handsome rooms containing many and good beds». In the hostel of St. Catherine operate exhibition areas which exposed the restoration work of the building, one bedroom representation of Knights era and ancient deserts from the surrounding area.

Address: Thiseos & Evreon Martyron, 85100, Medieval Town, Rhodes