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Ascent to Attaviros and Embonas Village

It is demanding because there is a big difference in altitude (750 meters).The most popular route starts from the south of village of Embona.There are two alternative pathways that can become circular.The most western one, easier but not marked, starts from a small dirt road next to a shrine, into a ravine, goes to southwest direction and then climbs over a rocky ridge. One goes on the dirt road leading to the wind turbines and follows up after the big turning point.

From this point the trail has red marks. One follows back uphill, then downhill, meets the asphalt road leading to the radar on the peak and ends up climbing the ruins of the temple of Jupiter known as Jupiter of Attaviros on the side of thehighest peak that is not accessible.The second route starts from the end of the dirt road (fence and steps) initially moves to the side of a stream (a few red marks) and then without a path, either straight up a steep field or a curvy path that leads to a small valley below the top.It is possible to make the ascent from the north edge of the village of Agios Isidoros there is a marked path to the wind turbines that comes and goes as above. Whatever route you follow ones should be equipped with the necessary clothes because even in summer the temperature difference is large and there is always a possibility of a fog. Also there is no well or source of water supply. The physiology of the soil is mostly rock and sand.

Embonas may not have any picturesque architectural features, however, it is one of the most popular suggestions for a trip inland in Rhodes that combines folklore, a lively atmosphere and good food. It is a village full of life all year round with several tavernas serving people who come here from all over the island to taste the delicious local meat. It is the most important grape-producing village on Rhodes.Come around harvest time and be sure to find the streets being full of baskets and the courtyards being spread with raisins soaking up the sun. If you visit Emery, the largest winery in the village, join one of the guided tours and engage in some great wine-tasting. There are also three more traditional wineries which are run by small local producers, namely Kounakis, Alexandris and Merkouris, where you can sample the local varieties as well as “suma” (a local strong spirit).