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Hill Filerimos in Ialysos

This route starts from the foot of the hill Filerimos it can be reached by following the western road (provincial road Rhodes –Kamiros) and turn left at the intersection of Ialysos where there is a relative sign “Filerimos Acropolis.”One arrives at the foot of the Hill, covering a distance of 1500 meters from the village. There is a water source with crystal clear water.One begins the steep paved road through pine, oak and sage, to arrive after 2000 meters to the chapel of Young Prophet Elias and the Old Prophet Elias, where also there is a source with drinking water on our left. Following the same uphill enjoying the spectacular view of the bay and Ialysos.Continuing, walking through the green landscape to a big square where there is a cafe beneath a huge oak tree. Up to this point it is accessible by vehicle and the total length, is 4000 meters.

From this point only accessible on foot and continues for another 500 meters. Left, climbing 33 stone steps, one reaches the Acropolisof Ialysos and the Monastery of Our Lady of Filerimos. A little further, about 100 feet and descending 5 stairs, is the chapel of St. George of Hosti. Going right and passing through the pine Calvary with 14 stone representations corresponding to stops made by the Jesus Christ on the road of torture, one arrives at a square where the cross stands imposingly. Reconstructed in 1996 and has a height of 17.80 meters and 66 internal steps. Can simultaneously accommodate 25 guests.From there the view is unique.

In the area there are many peacocks that give a special colour to the landscape. One can admire nature and relax in the tranquillity offered by the entire route. The scents emanating from the sage and other shrubs are intoxicating. Also from the end of January until the beginning of March you can find the wild cyclamen which grows in the region. The descent is done by the same route. It is of mild difficulty and the altitude is 247 feet.